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I'm Sorry this event is currently closed.

However for a limited time you can still get access to some of the featured gifts here.

Watch for our next event coming in January, 2024

Hi, it's Sherry,

Ah… Summer time… it goes so fast.

It is when many of us spend time relaxing and rejuvenating with time outside, and time with family. It is also a great time to plan, learn and grow so when fall arrives, we can hit the ground running and end the year better than we started it.

Yet, trying to juggle the demands of family, business, our personal life, and clients, amid the never ending challenges we are facing around increasing costs, concerns around income, economy, and feeling safe, can just feel overwhelming.

This means it’s more important than ever to be able to find support and solutions that help us create fresh starts, improve self-care, and maximize the abundance in our lives.

That is what the Connected Spirit, Connected Biz Summer Gift Event is all about, sharing gifts, wisdom, and talents with you, in a way where everyone benefits!

We all need to take a little time for ourselves each day. It is only then that we can take care of our businesses, families and clients.

This unique Gift Sharing Event is the perfect way to treat yourself to a wonderful assortment of Free Gifts to help you, stay focused, centered and strong in body, mind and spirit, AND have some fun in the process, while you keep moving forward.

What makes this event so special?

This event is smaller and more intimate than the traditional giveaways you may have participated in before. It just might end up being your favorite event of the year. 😉

There aren’t any up-sells or down-sells when you sign up; and there aren’t multiple screens to click through before you can get you gifts. So, it is easy to navigate.

It features only a few select contributors (instead of hundreds) so you don’t have to worry about becoming overwhelmed by it all. You can choose the gifts you want and download them today, or come back at your leisure to select new ones each day.

Who wants more overwhelm, right?

Once you register, you will have access to all the gifts.

However, the gifts will only be available from

8/21/2023 through 9/11/2023.

So, register today!

Here are just some of the Fabulous Free Gifts you can receive…

And Many More!

Once you register, you will have access to all the gifts.

Graciously offered by these Amazing Partners…

Sherry Bowers - Your Host

Jan Revell

Dr. Tianna Conte

Heidi Garis

Missy North-Drain

Kveta Jasek

Kirsten Graham& Jeanne Willson

Petra Monaco

Vicki Standish

Lorraine Lane

Cathy Hamilton

Eva Goulette

Efrat Shokef

Jewana White

Carol Donaldson

Kara Jordan

Ellen Shapiro

Cathy Skidmore

Patt Sendejas

Yael Eini

Andrea Hylen

Diane C. Lund

The Event Details…

The giveaway opens Monday, August 21st, and closes Sunday, September 11th, 2023.

How does it work?

Simply Register with your name and email address.

Once you confirm, you will be taken to the Connected Spirit, Connected Biz Summer Gift Event pages. Then just select the ones you want and enjoy! 😉

And guess what?

There aren't any crazy upsells and downsells just to get in!

Register Today!

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