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SUMMER Gifts Collection

22 Days of Free Tools & Resources for You,
Your Business, Your Life!


Several times a year, I host a Giveaway Event that allows online business owners to showcase their gifts and free offers to the visitors that come through the event.

There is always an amazing selection of free gifts that range from business tips and tools to meditations, courses, and free sessions all created by spiritual entrepreneurs to support other spiritual entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

What you will find here are a few of the featured gifts from my most recent event still available for you to enjoy.

The creators of these gifts have graciously agreed to continue to allow these gifts to be available to you through December 11, 2023.

After that time they will be removed.

Wishing You a Connected Spirit, Always!


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However, for now... just enjoy them!!!

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What's Included:

  • Calm & Confident Tapping Meditation
  • Zipping Up Your Chakras to Shield Your Energy
  • Undo Vows recorded workshop
  • DIY Tea Leaf Reading
  • Become a Master Manifester
  • Money Magnet Meditation
  • My Business Marketing Planner
  • Cathy Speaks Podcasts - Common Sense Self-Help and Self-Care
  • Emotional Anatomy Exercise: Unlocking the Path to Healing
  • Empower You and Your child(ren) using Self Soul Retrieval: 3 Simple and Transformative Tools
  • Rituals to Boost Your Energy and Productivity
  • Transformation Made Easy ebook
  • The Magic of Setting Intentions
  • Worry-Free WordPress Security Checklist
  • 5 Minutes to a Miracle Day
  • 10 Ways to Rock Your Networking Game
  • Free 20-Minute Emotion Code Session
  • Magnetize Money & Prosperity 5 day Adventure
  • VIBE UP Unleash Your Inner Power
  • Connected Spirit SIMPLE Subscription Tracker
  • Because You Matter ebook
  • How You Can Easily Create Video That EXPLODES Your Sales, in LESS Than 1 HOUR A WEEK... (masterclass)
  • Cathy Speaks Podcasts - Common Sense Self-Help and Self-Care
  • Connected Spirit Time Budget Worksheet


Why do I have to sign up for each gift?

Each gift is being offered by a different spiritual entrepreneur for your benefit. You need to sign up for each gift so they can send it to you and support you in case you have questions or need more information.

How long do I have access to these gifts?

These gifts are being offered by individuals who are separate from me and The individual creators of these gifts have agreed to allow access to them through December 11, 2023.

After that time this "Gift Collection Course" will be removed.

Please note: any other Free options on this website are from me, Sherry Bowers, directly and you will have access to them indefinitely.

What if I am unhappy with one of the gifts?

We would never want you to be unhappy! Please know that each gift is being offered by a different entrepreneur. Please contact the individual who created that gift for assistance. You can find their website information at the bottom of their gift page.

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